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Kanu wins Gold at Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show
With the results of the Old Mutual Trophy Show recently being made public, Kanu is proud to announce that we were only one of 30 producers to be awarded a Gold Medal for one of our wines. 1040 wines were entered in total.
Kanu Newsletter: June 2014 - Red wine and rainy days
I am one of those fortunate people to live in the Western Cape where we not only have rain, grey skies and icy wind during winter but also have the most beautiful sunny days. Some time ago I had the privilege to live in Dubai where 52°C in the summer and 28°C in the winter is the norm. My time there made me appreciate so many things about South Afr
Kanu Newsletter: May 2014 - Food, Wine and free delivery
Sometimes, all it takes is to get away for a few days to realise how much you love the place you call home. I miss my bed, my doggies, the autumn leaves which is so prominent this time of the year in the Boland and the beautiful mountains in our valley.
Kanu Harvest Report-2014
Our season started off on the 21st of January when we harvested Pinot Noir for base wine for our Giselle MCC.
Wine valuation - wine worth: inherent value
This system of wine valuation or ‘worth’ is developed now, and it has found a guise on public platforms. As a method of wine purchase this system removes the guesswork out of wine shopping – equipping the wine buyer with the wine information required to make an optimal wine purchase decision. By David Priilaid...
The Classic Wine Champions...all the Top Sixes
The aim of this special edition is to provide a ‘highlights overview’ of each category tasted by Classic Wine’s tasting panels. As a result of Classic Wine’s tastings, here we present 96 top wines... our Classic Champions!
Tasting assessments, The Top Six 'Classic' Chenin Blancs
The consensus about this line-up was that it was one of the best showings of Chenin – a pleasure to taste – largely due to the diversity of styles, the range of wines from oaked to unoaked, rich and full-bodied to elegant and pure.
When it comes to Chenin Blanc, naturally does it
Looking at the range of flavours and factors in the success of Chenin Blanc, Cathy Marston describes the background of these top-rated wines.
Kanu Newsletter: April 2014 - What Autumn is made of...
April arrived and so has autumn. Cosy in my office with 4 doggies around me, I watch as the rain spatters against the window. After a really good warm summer, I must admit that I am excited about the coming winter. Boots, scarves, soups, stews…
Kanu Newsletter: March 2014 - Everything tastes better in PINK
Harvest is officially in full swing! The 2 weeks we had to wait for the belated season’s kick-off is definitely something of the past. With the Cape winelands experiencing heat waves, grapes are ripening at an extreme pace and thus seem to be coming out of our ears.
Classic Wine's Top Six Rosé / Blanc de Noir, Chenin Blanc and Merlot wines
South Africa’s definitive wine publication, Classic Wine, lauded winemakers of the Top Six Rosé / Blanc de Noir, Chenin Blanc and Merlot wines from its unsighted, audited category tasting assessments at a presentation awards evening held on 6 March at Bread &Wine Vineyard Restaurant, Môreson. Top Six recipients also received a trophy, certificate a
Kanu Newsletter: February 2014
As dawn rises, I realise that 2014’s first month is officially over. New Year’s resolutions are something well forgotten. I still eat much more chocolate than I should. The gym membership I thought of getting… So not happening.
Kanu Newsletter: November 2013 - Summer loving
It is warm days like yesterday, while sitting on my stoep and eat fresh, succulent apricots in the summer sun, that I know I live in a GREAT country. On return from my “Kanu around the world” trip (as I like to refer to it) one thing was obvious. Summer has arrived. Vines are lush. Big green (unripe) grapes are everywhere to be seen. Nights are war
Kanu Newsletter: October 2013 - South African Wines and Love
A belated newsletter to tell you of all the good things that has been happening during the last month. Jet-setting the world has revealed itself to be a restless undertaking of the drifter. As I "speak" I have already traveled to Brazil, Dubai, Thailand and Singapore, before I finally arrived in Manila, Philippines. All in one breath without allowing me to set foot on African soil.
"Spring is the time of plans and projects"
September sees us shaking off the wintery dust and getting fresh-faced with lots of visits to the vineyards.

Kanu Newsletter: August 2013
When they say that there is 100% chance of rain in Stellenbosch, there is no two ways about it. It is going to rain. Constantly. The whole day. No more waking up to pink skies, oh no!
Kanu Newsletter: July 2013 - Kanu going global
This morning is the epiphany of a winter’s morning in Stellenbosch. Clear baby-blue skies with birds happily chirping away in the chilly morning air.
Kanu Newsletter: June 2013 - For the Love of Shiraz
Whenever it rains, I love being at work. My office is the cosiest, warmest places I know. My colleagues love tea and coffee, which means that there is a constant flow of warm drinks coming our way. The rain has a soothing effect, as it patters on the tin roof just above my head.
Kanu Newsletter: May 2013 - Creamy Caprese Pasta and Kanu Viognier
With heavy rain and mist, my soul feels at ease with my 'knie kombers' and a hot cup of Milo on my couch. As I reflect on my last month, I have to say... its been busy! Probably why I am sitting with Milo instead of a voluptuous amount of Shiraz. My quota of wine consumption for the month has been filled. I suddenly find myself planning to go for runs, starting a cycling club or maybe even climbing Everest.
Decanter World Wine Awards 2013 winners announced
Judges at this year's Decanter World Wine Awards tasted a record-breaking 14 362 wines and awarded nearly 10 000 medals, it was announced on Monday morning.
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